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Gang/Fleet Intel:

Poster Rep Numbers (approx.) Shiptypes Reported Buy Solar System Region Description Vote
Anon {{gang.Karma | number : 1}} {{gang.Karma | number : 1}} {{gang.Karma | number : 1}} {{gang.Karma | number : 1}} {{gang.Karma | number : 1}} zKill
{{gang.MinimumNumber}} ~ {{gang.MaximumNumber}} {{gang.MinimumNumber}}+
{{gang.ShipTypes | limitTo:100}} {{gang.ReportedOn | timeAgo }}
  • {{gang.SystemName}}
  • {{gang.RegionName}} {{gang.Description | limitTo:120}} UP | DOWN

    Solo Pilot Intel:

    You are not viewing this site with trust in the IGB. If you do, you can broadcast your location as a solo pilot to challenge other EVE Harmony pilots to fight you! If you're viewing this from the IGB, you can click the button below to trust EVEHarmony, which will give the site acces to information about your character and location ingame. We use this to help you submit intel more rapidly and to broadcast your location when requested. NOTE: We will never broadcast your location unless you ask us to!

    Click the button below to begin broadcasting your location to other PvPers!

    You are currently broadcasting your location as a challenge to other EVE Harmony pilots! Click the button below to stop.

    Pilot Ship Ship Name Solar System Region
    {{pilot.CharacterName}} {{pilot.ShipTypeName}} {{pilot.ShipName}} {{pilot.SystemName}} {{pilot.RegionName}}
    Type Exits Region Solar System Planet Moon Corporation Alliance
    {{timer.TowerType}} {{timer.Size}} {{timer.ReinforcedObjectType}} {{timer.ExitsReinforced | timeAgo}} {{timer.RegionName}}

    Sov Fights:

    If you know about a sov war battle going on, submit it here and let the rest of EVE know! We all love a little carnage!

    Solar System Region Intel Age Description Involved Parties
    {{intel.SystemName}} {{intel.RegionName}} {{intel.ReportedOn | timeAgo}} {{intel.Description | limitTo:120}} {{intel.InvolvedParties}}

    PvP Events:

    This is a place to post information about any public PvP events you wish to sponsor, such as planned battles, tournaments, public fleets, and training courses.

    Event Name Event Time Solar System Region Description Organizers
    {{event.Name}} {{event.Time | timeAgo}} {{event.SystemName}} {{event.RegionName}} {{event.Description}} {{event.Organizers}}

    Black Market:

    This is EVE's premier location to buy and sell unsavory services. From buying intel and spies, hiring mercenaries to take out an enemy, or selling of the same.


    Intel Dossiers

    Coming Soon! (tm)

    Subject Name Subject Type Details
    {{dossier.Subject}} {{dossier.Type}}

    Dossier Contents Summary for Pilot:

    Call Sign {{pilotDossierForPreview.CharacterName}}
    Corporation {{pilotDossierForPreview.CorporationName}}
    Alliance {{pilotDossierForPreview.AllianceName}}
    Faction {{pilotDossierForPreview.FactionName}}
    Last Sighted {{pilotDossierForPreview.LastTimeLocationReported | date : 'short'}} GMT
    Total Sightings {{pilotDossierForPreview.TotalShipSightings}}
    Known Shiptypes {{pilotDossierForPreview.TotalShipTypesReported}}

    Dossier price: 5k ISK

    Purchased Dossiers:

    Dossier Subject Dossier Type Intel Available Until
    {{dossier.Subject}} {{dossier.Type}} {{dossier.ExpiresOn}}

    Pilot Intel Dossier:

    Call Sign {{pilotDossierForDetail.CharacterName}}
    Corporation {{pilotDossierForDetail.CorporationName}}
    Alliance {{pilotDossierForDetail.AllianceName}}
    Faction {{pilotDossierForDetail.FactionName}}
    Last Sighted {{pilotDossierForDetail.LastTimeLocationReported}}
    Last Known System {{pilotDossierForDetail.LastKnownSystemName}}
    Last Known Region {{pilotDossierForDetail.LastKnownRegionName}}
    Total Sightings {{pilotDossierForDetail.TotalShipSightings}}
    Known Shiptypes {{pilotDossierForDetail.TotalShipTypesReported}}

    Our sources have confirmed that this pilot is capable of flying the following ships:

    Hull Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
    {{hullType.Class}} {{hullType.Amarr}} {{hullType.Caldari}} {{hullType.Gallente}} {{hullType.Minmatar}}